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Technotron-Metal, Ltd offers an exclusive aluminium fence system made from expanded metal or perforated materials.

You can also order individual fillings and then install them into existing metal or concrete columns on your property.

To avoid complaints because of wrongly stated parameters, we supply order only after agreed technical drawings. You should send the drawing (a rough drawing with general dimension is also accepted). Then we create a technical documentation and send it back to you to be agreed together with an ordering form. In case of delivery without surface coating is needed to count with surface marks caused during metal expanding and with natural surface aging.

You can check the samples of Technotron Fences in our sales centre in Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic (see Contacts).

Custom made

Let your imagination work fully. Fence elements can be made according your wish.

Save with us

Fence fillings are produced by ourselves. As a manufacturer of both the expanded metal and fencing system, we can offer you the best prices.

We deliver to you

We will arrange transportation to you. You can also pick up the goods yourself.

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